The sensitive and safe handling of your data Protection of personal data such as name , address, phone number or email is important to us . Personal data is collected when schiffszubehö according to the instructions of the German data protection law , processed and used . This is currently at the Federal Data Protection Act ( BDSG) , the Telemedia Act ( TMG) and possibly Telecommunications Act ( TKG). The processing and storage of data can, for example be required to establish business relationships with customers to modify and unwind . We then use these data to the extent it is necessary to enable us to comply with the rights and obligations arising from the business relationship. However, we do not use your data for example, for purposes of advertising, market research or for the creation of user profiles , unless there is explicit consent before . However, in this case, you are entitled at any time to revoke this consent. Moreover, the use of the data would only be allowed in anonymous form , ie, so that no conclusions on the affected persons can be drawn. The same applies if you make within our Internet presence information about yourself . Even then, we use this information only to the extent it is necessary to perform a service. In addition, you can object to the further use of your data at any time . So you can verify compliance with data protection rules in individual cases , there is also a corresponding right to information : You have therefore - and of course by someone - the possibility that you request information about whether and what personal data is stored about you , to the purposes for which they are processed and the bodies which they may be transmitted . Overall, we can therefore assure you that we collect any personal data without your consent via our website . You alone decide the extent to which you want to give us , such as a request or the like , this data or not .